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Residential & household scaffolding services

Residential & household scaffolding services.

At Abbott Scaffolding we specialise in providing high-quality domestic scaffolding services.


We ensure that all our scaffolding work is reliable, safe and cost effective. Our professional and reliable scaffolders always work hard to meet all your domestic scaffolding needs by delivering outstanding service and the highest level of work.

Abbott Scaffolding completely understands that occasionally it may be a little daunting for homeowners when attempting to determine specific requirements of each individual building or improvement work on the home. There certainly are a lot of factors, some of which you simply might not know about.

With Abbott Scaffolding you’ll find we’re able to present beneficial, expert advice, free estimates (without obligation) that will give you a clear indication.

Where we serve

We typically serve the surrounding areas of London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Bedfordshire. If your project falls outside of these areas, don’t worry, we still might be able to help!


Request a free quote

Get started today by contacting us and we’ll arrange a visit to your premises. We’ll provide you with a free, fully accurate and no hidden fees quote through our SMART Scaffolding technology.



Call us on:

Tel:  01279 653345


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