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Business & construction

Business & construction


As an approved scaffolding supplier to the UK's leading construction companies, Abbott Scaffoldings extensive

in-depth knowledge of the specific access regulations, requirements, codes, and qualifications, along with the latest software technologies, help to design solutions that both solve/pre-empt problems and save money for you.

A key part of Abbott Scaffolding service is our design and engineering capability. Abbott Scaffolding provides the optimum solution to meet your requirements in terms of safety, quality, cost, and programme.

Abbott Scaffolders are experts at working on scaffold projects in public areas and in areas that need to continue to function commercially around the scaffold. We have experience working in high-risk areas where public protection is a priority.


Abbott Scaffolding takes extra care to ensure our structures are aesthetically pleasing and fit in with the local environment. We use the best materials and keep them in excellent condition.

Where we serve

We typically serve the surrounding areas of London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Bedfordshire. If your project falls outside of these areas, don’t worry, we still might be able to help!

Request a free quote

Get started today by contacting us and we’ll arrange a visit to your premises. We’ll provide you with a free, fully accurate and no hidden fees quote through our SMART Scaffolding technology.

Call us on:

Tel:  01279 653345



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