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Abbott Scaffolding appreciates the great deal of time and effort that is put into developing schemes for the conservation of historic buildings. 


We work tirelessly with you to create a specifically designed structure that has empathy with conservation.

With the right kind of thought and discussion, a way can be found with persistence around almost any barrier.

We have a vast working knowledge of scaffolding listed buildings and Churches. Our portfolio grows each month in this area.  Each project is unique and treated as such to cause as little disruption as possible.  It is vitally important to preserve our heritage and Abbott Scaffolding are proud to assist with the maintaining of these historical buildings.

Where we serve

We typically serve the surrounding areas of London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Bedfordshire. If your project falls outside of these areas, don’t worry, we still might be able to help!

Request a free quote

Get started today by contacting us and we’ll arrange a visit to your premises. We’ll provide you with a free, fully accurate and no hidden fees quote through our SMART Scaffolding technology.

Call us on:

Tel:  01279 653345



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